Founded by Samantha Crutchlow in 2016, OKAYLA represents the union between East and West. Gaining experience designing Ladieswear for high street retailers, Sam re-located to Hong Kong to further her career with Far Eastern manufacturing experience.  

'I can't put into words how much I love Hong Kong but more broadly Asia - it's a magical place! The link between my British routes and my love of Asia felt like the natural starting point for the brand.'

The OKAYLA girl is an active trend setter with individuality at the forefront of her mind. Inspirations include sports, music, travel and creative arts. She hand picks key pieces from vintage to designer stores to create her distinctive identity.  

The OKAYLA collection comprising of cut and sew knits is designed with obsessive attention to detail from directional fabrics hand picked by Sam. The team are passionate about fabrics which embody both individuality, comfort and style.

OKAYLA will continue to be inspired by iconic sportswear pieces paired with Asian references, and push the boundaries with exaggerated shapes in future collections.

After toying between several names for the brand, OKAYLA was the perfect word to capture the essence of the brand. This casual phrase spoken by both the local and the westerner around Hong Kong sounds positive, fun and rolls off the tongue!